Fundraising Opportunities

  2016-2017 School Year Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising goals are provided as an option to alleviate tuition costs to parents.  There are many ways to provide your fundraising, including donating services or materials which offset a school budget line item.  Please note, donating services or materials not in the budget do not offset fundraising goals, but may offset service hour goals.  To clarify please contact the Office.

In order to help make fundraising easier, your Parent Support Group (PSG) organizes a variety of OLP School events to provide parents with opportunities to both fundraise and have fun.  Below is a list of this year’s fundraising events.  Review the list and choose where you would like to most enjoy getting involved to raise funds. Other activities on campus, such as M.E.N.D., field trips, etc. are separate activities which do not fulfill fundraising goals but instead provide funding for specific activities.

If the overall fundraising goal is exceeded, advanced materials for educational and atmosphere purposes can be purchased to enhance the student's educational experience!  To see where we are at with our fundraising in relation to our goal see the downloadable images below.

For more information contact Cathy Hernandez at (818) 894-4059 or

OLP Fundraisers:
September 7 to Sept 23- Popcorn Sale
October 26 -Chocolate Sale
October 22-Casino Night
December 3-Casino Turnaround

Other Fundraising Opportunities:
If you would like to fundraise outside of the school, please contact Renee Rodriguez at (818) 894-8659 or  Such events might include a jean day at your place of work with proceeds going to OLP School, an event in our honor of OLP School put on by a third party, such as a golf event, etc.  Renee will help provide you with the marketing information needed and will inform the office for validation to callers.  Please understand, to respect the wishes of our parents, we will not add on additional PSG run school events during the current school year.  However, if you have an idea of a new PSG event for the coming year, please submit it to your PSG President and they will research the possibilities.