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Through writings passed down, we know the original church was built along Spanish lines and seated about 200 people. It was little larger than a two story stucco house. Over time, the church was moved into private homes where the Oblate Fathers of St. Ferdinand’s Church and the Sisters of the Sacred Heart taught catechism classes. The OLP Church as we know it today, was built in 1937 by Father Patrick Ryan. In 1944 the OLP Parish was officially established.

In 1951 Father Leheny was dedicated to building the school and held the first classes on site that year, taught by the Daughters of Mary and Joseph. The school building was formally erected by 1954. Father Leheny was a “brick builder” and is accredited with the buildings strong foundation, which has stood up to earthquakes.

While many Priests and Sisters, overtime, worked hard to develop and complete the buildings, it was the spirit of the parish they formed which has truly blessed this place. Today, when you walk onto Our Lady of Peace Campus, you can still feel the love and community, which has lasted the test of time.

PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES:  This data is collected from our WASC report and multiple studies including those through LMU and the California Board of Education.

o    100% of our students go to high school.  The acceptance rate for our graduates in Catholic High School is 99 percent with 40% of them being accepted with honors or honors at entrance.
o    Through notification by parents or the students themselves; we receive very positive feedback regarding their performance.  Some of this feedback includes that they are on the honor role, involved in sports, academic decathlon, fine arts, student government, and campus ministry demonstrating the well-rounded students Our Lady of Peace and our SLE’s strive to form.  
o    83% of our 8th graders will attend college.  Only 31% of 8th graders attending public schools will go to college.  (Studies from our WASC, LMU and CA State Board of Ed.)
o    Studies show that children who attend Catholic Schools are more civically engaged, more tolerant of diverse views and more committed to service as adults. (Multi. Including LMU, Campbell, Greeley & Rossi, Greene, etc.)
o    Higher education across income levels means sustaining the American Dreams of equality and opportunity. Higher education across income levels equals economic growth for the U.S. overall.
o    Our Lady of Peace School EXCELS in academics.  According to our WASC report when a child attends our school for 3 consecutive years, they show substantial growth in their learning abilities.  
o    Our students have placed in the Academic Decathlon every year for the past four years.
o    Our students won the Knights of Columbus essay and spelling contests in 2012.
o    Our students won the El Camino Real League Speech tournament in 2012.