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Our Lady of Peace School - Early Childhood Center 

Pre-School Classroom - ages are 2 & 3 (must be two by Sept. 3 & potty trained)

Pre-K Classroom - ages 4 & 5


At Our Lady of Peace School, our Early Childhood Center puts academics, development, and faith together with skilled teachers and staff who will help them be all that they can be. 


There is no age to begin nurturing a child's curiosity and development by trained teachers who understand the science of how they learn best, at the child's own pace according to their own interest. 


We understand that every child is unique therefore it is our responsibility to support the children according to their individual needs, strengths, and interests. Working as a team, the family, and teachers, together will make all the difference for the child's development while at Our Lady of Peace School.


Every aspect of your child will be engaged and energized - intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. All through worksheets, stories, creative movement, visual arts, and music.


It is our teacher's primary role to help guide and facilitate the child's development and learning process. Our teachers are trained to provide developmentally appropriate work and activities while still challenging the students. 

Teachers also keep a record of each child's progress in each area of growth and development. This is done with the purpose of not only the teacher knowing the child's progress but also for the child and family to see. This helps the teacher move forward towards the future curriculum of that child and also helps the child enhance positive self-esteem and feelings towards learning.


The goal of the Early Childhood program at Our Lady of Peace is to provide opportunities for children to develop into competent and confident Christians in all four areas (physical, social, intellectual, and emotional) while keeping a faith based learning environment.


Our Early Childhood Center programs (Preschool and Pre-K) are licensed through the California Department of Social Services. We accept CCRC!



CCRC Provider ID #3410

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OLP Early Childhood Center Director: 

Ms. Rosie Lemos

(818) 891-4227 


School Office Manager:

Mrs. Irene Contreras

(818) 894-4059