Tuition Assistance

As a Catholic organization, we are dedicated to providing a quality, well rounded, education for your most precious gifts, your children.  We are also here to serve and love.  If you are seeking a brighter future for your child, but cannot afford the tuition below, we encourage you to make an appointment with Irene Contreras, so she can review your tuition assistance options with you.
There are a variety of options that can help families meet the financial requirements and will help you through the process.  Some areas of support are listed below:
  • Catholic Education Foundation Tuition Assistance (Applications are attached below) 
  • Our Lady of Peace Opportunity Grants-(Applications are attached below)
While tuition is necessary to deliver quality education to our children, we also practice our faith through service.  We have generous and loving sponsors who make it possible to provide assistance to those in need.  Financial aid is also available to those who qualify.  To learn more, make an appointment with Irene Contreras, Office Manager, to discuss your options.

For more information please call 818-894-4059


Students who are currently receiving a scholarship through CEF have a pre-printed application that will be sent home to them. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE FORMS BELOW

If your family is receiving a scholarship through the school, you must apply for a CEF scholarship first.