Service Hour Opportunities

2017-2018 School Year Service Hour Opportunities
There are many ways to fulfill your service hours. Below is a list of ideas starting with some that are ongoing and daily needs. Events are also listed by date. Review the list and choose where you would like to offer your time and talents. Sign up ahead of time in the office:  If you have ideas not listed here, please share them with us. 

**All parents who will be doing service hours with students (lunch duty, room time, sports, club activities, unguided field trips, etc.) will need to first take a Protecting God's Children class and obtain fingerprint clearance.  To see a list of dates and times to take Protecting God's Children, visit  For a list of locations to obtain your fingerprint clearance please contact the school office.

Thirty (30) hours of service are asked of each family during the year.  This is a per family obligation and is expected from all families with students enrolled in Our Lady of Peace School.  


***It is the parent's responsibility to complete the service hours. Friends and other family members may help but will not get credit towards your service hours.

For more information contact Sobeira Chavez at (818) 894-4059 or

ο    Monday putting together family envelopes in Office (11am-1pm)
ο    Occasional filing and office assistance (Dates and times vary)
ο    Building repair, painting, updates to school (Dates and times vary. Also available during the summer months)
ο    Marketing assistance, such as materials and distribution (Dates and times vary)
ο    3rd Sunday of each month, speak after mass (times vary)
ο    Event decoration creation (Dates and times vary)
ο    **Field Trips (Dates and times vary and background check requirements will vary)
ο    **Assistant coaching or first aid support for a sports team (Dates and times vary)
ο    Become a Room Parent for your child's class (these year's fly by- this is a great way to help make these school years special)
ο    Become a Parent Support Group (PSG) Member

ο    Assisting with drop off traffic direction before school (M-F 7:15 am-8:15 am)
ο    **Lunch duty (M-F, 12:00 -1 pm)
We are in need of parent volunteers to supervise children during lunch from 11:45 am-1 pm, Monday-Thursday. If you wish to volunteer please contact the school office. Volunteers are asked not to use their cell phones during this time. Volunteering for yard duty does go towards your service hours.
**All parent volunteers must be Virtus trained and fingerprinted and must provide proof to the school office. 
By Date:
ο  To Be Announced
Thank you for helping us make OLP School a place of love and community for your children!