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Mrs. Millard

Hello.  My name is Mrs. Lesa Millard. I am the Seventh Grade homeroom teacher.
I am the English Language Arts teacher for the Junior High. I have been
teaching for over 16 years. I started my teaching career as a junior high science teacher
for sixth, seventh and eighth graders, while pursuing my credentials at
Mount Saint Mary's College. I taught junior high for a year and a half. I then moved
to primary and started teaching third grade. I have taught second, third and a
combination class of third and fourth graders. I have also served as moderator of
student government, coached members of the decathlon team, worked with the
speech team and yearbook.

Mission For The Class
 In my classroom, my students have a focus on teamwork.  Students work t
learn but also to support the learning of others.  Knowing that the needs of
each student are different, instruction is planned to accommodate all learning
styles.   There is a lot to study, but students work in a cooperative
environment that supports their learning.  Subjects taught are literature,  
writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and art. 
	In my classroom students have an opportunity to work on individual
projects,as well as group projects. We do a lot of hands-on and interactive
learning activities.  The students also have a chance to go on two field trips
each year.  The trips are curriculum based with specific learning goals in
	I expect a lot from my students, but always look for ways to allow 
them to work to the best of their ability.  I make accommodations, as needed, 
to make sure all my students are successful.  My goal is to keep my students 
motivated and excited about learning.  I work hard for my student to give back 
in appreciation for what I have been given; a good, Catholic education.