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Welcome to 6th/7th Grade

Degrees and Certification:

Veronique Lecomte

23-24 Room Parent:

23-24 Class Representative:

6th: Jacob

7th: Mikayla

6th: Ms. Roman & Ms. Malgapu

7th: Mrs. Sanchez

Doctor of Law

Ph.D. in Sociology and Psychology

Associate in Science

PE Degree

BA in English/ Multicultural Education

MA in Education

Multiple and Single Credentials

Directors Units

My name is Veronique Lecomte and I am the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade English and Social Studies teacher at OLP. This is my second year. I graduated in Europe with a Doctor of Law Degree and a Ph.D. in Sociology and Psychology. At the University of Ghent, I received a PE Degree as well. Coming to the USA, I obtained a BA in English/Multicultural Education and a MA in Education at National University. I also acquired an Associate Degree in Science. I procured my Directing Units at UCLA which gave me the opportunity to be the co-Preschool Director with Ms. Sperber at OLP. 


Due to earning Multiple and Single Credentials, I have taught from K-12, as well as at some outstanding institutions, such as CSUN, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities. But, I honestly can state that I have an affinity for middle school students. I love to educate and develop young minds in grades 6 through 8, preparing scholars to enter high school confidently. As an educator, I found it rewarding to watch them develop new skills and gain an appreciation for knowledge and learning.


I am looking forward to working with my parents. You can reach me at with any comments and questions.

Veronique Lecomte

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