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Welcome to 8th Grade


Degrees and Certification:

Michael Petrochilos

23-24 Room Parent:

23-24 Class Representative:

Jeren Cabrera

Mr. & Mrs. Sylber

BA in Social Science

Minor in Psychology

Greetings OLP Family!
For those of you who are new to OLP, allow me to introduce myself, I am Michael Petrochilos. I am the Middle School Math/Science teacher as well as the Assistant Principal.

Below is a brief
background of my career thus far:
Studied: City College of New York
St. John’s University
CPT New York State Certification
Teaching Exams Completed:
Educator for over 25 years.
Positions/assignments: Math Coach, Dean of Students, Head of Math and Science departments, Lead teacher, Grade Leader, Music Director, After School Coordinator, Computer literacy teacher, 5th-8th grade teacher, (recently) OLP Summer School Director.
I am truly excited to return to OLP for my third year and to continue the work you have entrusted me with, the education of your children. There is no greater privilege than shaping and guiding
our youth as they begin exploring the world around them during their middle school years. In my
two previous years, middle school has shown dramatic growth in the area of mathematics. I
believe this is a testament to you and the willingness of our students to pursue their studies with
maximum effort. However great our gains have been, we can do better!. When I converse with
past and present colleagues, I often share how our students are like “sponges”. They are eager
to absorb new concepts and build on those learned. There is so much potential in our students
ready to be unlocked. With your continued support I am confident that our students will continue
progress and exceed new challenges.

Best regards,

Michael Petrochilos

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