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Mission Statement

Partnering with our parents, Our Lady of Peace School nurtures students to know and to live the Catholic faith, and successfully master a challenging curriculum in order to be well prepared for the high school, college and career of their choice. We become active Christians, life-long learners, and productive members of our community and the world.


Our Lady of Peace School is a culturally diverse Catholic community of families, students and staff, centered on Christ’s teachings. Partnering with families as the primary educators of their children, each student is guided to discover and explore his/her unique talents and abilities via a challenging curriculum and extracurricular activities.


Re-Imagining our future and Re-Connecting with our Families and Community.

School Wide Core Beliefs

At OLP we strive to practice and continually grow in the values and core beliefs of our Vision/Mission, Philosophy and Motto.  We are aligned to the broader Archdiocese vision of ongoing growth in the areas of faith, academic excellence and stewardship.  We strive to follow our Pillars & live our Catholic faith and beliefs with vibrancy and love.

  • We believe that Catholic education is rooted in Gospel values. and leads students to be Christ-centered stewards who manifest love, inclusivity, and an appreciation for diversity.  We are called to generosity of spirit and positive contribution in service.


  • We are committed to high expectations and every student’s learning growth in a supportive environment that cultivates curiosity and a life-long love of learning. We believe in providing academic "stretch" not academic "stress."

  • We believe faith driven actions and service that fosters responsible citizenship, honoring the dignity of all God’s creation and promoting social justice.


  • We believe parents are the primary educators with the strongest influence in their children’s lives. We value our partnership and commitment to be mutually supportive, honest, and compassionate, while maintaining the integrity and respect of our distinct roles.

  • We believe academics should be focused on mastery of grade level standards, and beyond, through the use of a wide range of instructional strategies and assessments that foster critical, creative, and complex thinking and problem solving.


  • We believe students should graduate well prepared for future higher level educational opportunities, with a belief in the value of hard work, perseverance, and integrity.

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