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Performing Arts

Drama Club

Instruction begins to scaffold to deeper comprehension skills during middle school grades. Students gather, comprehend, analyze, evaluate, synthesize and summarize reading material to write, present, and speak about their reading. Students experience reading more focused selections, mentor texts, multi-media texts, plays, poetry, and novels. Online and in print research is part of every subject. Through reading primary texts and books, thematic units with integrated subject matter help students to read more closely, annotate, find key details and integrate their learning with personal experience. Students compare texts and do more in-depth character and plot study. Direct instruction continues to utilize reading strategies, while students gain deeper understanding in a variety of genres including literature, biographies, informational text, poetry, fantasy, sci-fi, and opinion writing. The text becomes more complex in all subjects and we prepare students for reading across the subjects.

Oral Interpretation
Speech and Debate

Writing is taught using the writing process of “Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing, Publishing”. Areas of concentration are personal and fictional narratives, persuasive essays, opinion letters, memoir, and informational/research reports.Students are expected to write more, publish more in depth narrative, opinion and informational pieces throughout the year. Students also focus on writing essays that demonstrate strong organization, ideas, personal craft and voice,, elaboration, evidence, more complex vocabulary and conventions.

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