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Tiger Pillars

This Months Tiger Pillar

Katarungang Panlipunan

Ang mga taong sosyal ay naghahanap lamang ng katarungan at katarungan para sa lahat ng tao. Ang kanilang mga layunin ay nakasentro sa paggawa ng mundo na isang mas mahusay na lugar para sa LAHAT at hindi lamang nila nakikita ang halaga ng ibang tao, ngunit aktibong nagtatrabaho para dito sa lipunan.

This Months Tiger Pillar

Katarungang Panlipunan

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This trait recognizes those who genuinely see others, care about them, and understand that everyone deserves to be treated with kind words, actions, and gestures no matter what circumstances besets a person. They honor their families, friends, and their workplaces. They extend kindness without being prompted to do so and they celebrate diversity.


Growth Mindset

Each of us is here on Earth to be a learner. No matter how young, old or in-between. Where would our school be if we hadn’t been willing to learn in different ways? Those with growth mindsets welcome new learning as opportunities for growth and improvement and don’t worry too much about making mistakes when trying their best. Growth mindset people develop confidence and are generally risk takers, innovators, optimists and enthusiastic students of life….all their lives. They can change the world



As the word suggests, this trait refers to one’s “ability to respond” hence “response ability.” Responsible people do what they say they will do. They complete promises and tasks and feel an obligation to hold up their end of the expectations --- whether that means chores at home, doing school work, or remembering to help someone in need -- they are there, and the best of these people do not even need to be asked. They simply take TIME and  initiative to “be there” for others as well as themselves.



The root word of this trait extends from Latin; to be “whole.” Those with integrity, seek the truth and value the complexity of being human. This trait values honesty; about others and ourselves, even when it takes courage, and is a risk to do so.



This trait often calls us OUT of our comfort zone and demands we view everyone as worthy of rights, education, opportunity, and equitable treatment -- regardless of income level, gender, race, language, or sexual orientation -- all deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. This trait takes true deep courage. People that excel in this trait, stand up for others and refuse to be helpless bystanders. They help us improve the quality of all lives, not just some.



As the foundation of Catholic schools, faithfulness is the trait that helps center us in the storm. Faithfulness is knowing that God hears our prayers, keeps us company and quietly calls us if we listen. Faith helps us believe. Hope reminds us we are not alone. We practice the sacraments, attend Mass and serve: altar servers, service volunteers, or simply by sharing our faith openly in conversation.

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